Run Slow


When we last saw Tortoise and Hare, they had just finished their famous race. They raced everyday. Hare won everyday. But on this day, Tortoise slid past for the victory while Hare was showing off, taking his win for granted. The original tale ended with Hare slouched in defeat, bummed out by his loss.

The next day they raced again. Hare won easily. But the win didn’t feel good anymore. Hare now understood how Tortoise felt losing every day. The next day instead of racing, they walked together enjoying a delightful conversation about this, that and the other thing. They met Tortoise’s friends who Hare zoomed past each day. They felt the breeze, soaked up the sun, gazed at the clouds and shared a few laughs. There would be no more races. Each day Tortoise and Hare end their journey with an embrace. They thank each other for a wonderful walk and invite each other walk together again the next day. These former adversaries have become the best of friends.

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